Tell us your opinion about Aalto University Learning Centre and win prizes!

10. huhtikuu 2017

By filling out the survey, you have the chance to win one 250 EUR gift voucher or one of three 100 EUR gift vouchers.


Exceptional opening hours of the Harald Herlin Learning Centre for the spring

5. huhtikuu 2017

Exceptional opening hours of the Harald Herlin Learning Centre for the spring.


Aalto University's image collections now available in Aalto-Finna

23. maaliskuu 2017

Archive materials related to the activities and history of Aalto University and its predecessors are now available in Aalto-Finna. Archive materials contain historic photographs that document teaching and research at the University. The earliest materials are from early 20th century.

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VR Room launched - book your slot!

20. maaliskuu 2017

The room Jaakko (108) of the Harald Herlin Learning Centre is now harnessed for trying out virtual reality.


Visual resources and image retrieval at the Learning Centre

13. maaliskuu 2017

Aalto University Learning Centre provides a new service, Visual Resources Centre (VRC) specialising in visual resources and image retrieval.


The Learning Centre governs Open Access Fund Pilot

21. helmikuu 2017

Aalto University has reserved an OA Pilot Fund of 120 000 euros for advancing the visibility and impact of Aalto research with open access publishing methods during 2017.

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Ebrary is now Ebook Central

8. helmikuu 2017

E-book service Ebrary has migrated to new platform and changed its name to Ebook Central.


Ordering journal articles from National Repository Library

20. tammikuu 2017

It is now possible to order article copies from National Repository Library to your email address via our Aalto-Finna portal.


Aalto Magazine #18 focuses on art and creativity

21. joulukuu 2016

The new issue of Aalto University Magazine studies the impact of art and creative practices in society.


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Ministry of Education and Culture: Open science must be promoted by all means necessary

20. joulukuu 2016

Open science is one of the spearheads of Finnish scientific policy and it must be promoted by all means necessary.

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Service break in Aalto-Finna Dec 27th – Jan 5th

19. joulukuu 2016

Aalto-Finna will be updated. Library services will be limited during the update.


Customer service hours during Christmas time

23. marraskuu 2016

Exceptional customer service hours of the Learning Centre during Christmas time 2016.


1 and K floors are exceptionally closed today 16 Nov at 3 pm.

16. marraskuu 2016

1 and K floors of the Harald Herlin Learning Centre (Otaniementie 9) are exceptionally closed today at 3 pm.


Early and evening access to Harald Herlin Learning Centre

10. marraskuu 2016

The Harald Herlin Learning Centre is accessible outside opening hours for Aalto students with HSL travel card, once it is activated first online.


Welcome to the Learning Centre from Monday 31 Oct

24. lokakuu 2016

Welcome to the Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9, from Monday 31 October!


We will no longer accept cash payments in the Learning Centre

11. lokakuu 2016

Cash payments will not be accepted in the Learning Centre from 31 October.


Library services of Learning Centre beta moving in October

6. lokakuu 2016

The library services move from 10 October to the Learning Centre (Otaniementie 9). It takes place in phases.


Experience the robot bus in Otaniemi!

6. lokakuu 2016

Two robot buses have arrived to Otaniemi and they are now available for passengers.

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Service break in Alli database 12-18 October

4. lokakuu 2016

Resources of Alli can still be found via Aalto-Finna.


Arabia Campus Library services after closure

30. syyskuu 2016

Aalto University Learning Centre will open Mon 31.10.2016 at Otaniementie 9, Espoo.


We are moving from Arabia, Department of Architecture and Learning Centre beta during October to the refurbished Learning Centre

26. syyskuu 2016

Arabia Campus Library closes on Fri 30.9., Library of Architecture on Fri 7.10. and Learning Centre beta on Thu 20 Oct.


Breaks and delays in library services during the autumn

7. syyskuu 2016

The library anticipates great changes this fall.


Arabia Campus Library moves on 30 September

29. elokuu 2016

Aalto University Arabia Campus Library relocates to Otaniemi in October 2016. The library will close on Fri 30.9. 4pm.


MOVING INFORMATION: Learning Centre brings university library services under one roof

29. elokuu 2016

Welcome to the Learning Centre (Otaniementie 9), opening Monday 31st October 2016 9am.


Introduction in English to Aalto University Arabia Campus Library

19. elokuu 2016

International exchange students are offered introductions in English to Aalto University Arabia Campus library.


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